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Alumni Network

Caucus Alumni Network

Since its inception in 2007, we, ‘Caucus: The Discussion Forum of Hindu College’, have come a long way. The genesis of Caucus was laid down with the establishment of a forum which would instill the spirit of discussion and deliberation amongst its members. Inside the red-brick building of century-old Hindu College, a springboard for honing the skills and passion of students for MUNs came to fruition. As the years passed, Caucus etched its calibre and elicited recognition in the MUN circuit by bagging coveted accolades. In line with its innate urge to grow, the society diversified into new forays while keeping the core principle of holistic and inclusive deliberation alive. 


While group discussions had become a part and parcel of Caucus, the onset of the pandemic necessitated a dramatic shift in our modus operandi. Embracing online platforms as the chief medium for functioning, we adapted rapidly to the transition by ramping up our social media presence across platforms and also venturing into uncharted territory. ‘Compass’, an annual flagship webinar series bringing together stalwarts in various fields, was initiated. From Harish Salve to Montek Singh Ahluwalia, we have hosted pundits from areas ranging from law to economics to health. Parallely, on a more frequent note, Caucus boasts of a thriving society blog and a monthly magazine, ‘The Probe’. It’s undeniable that all these would have been inconceivable without the contribution of the founding members in the nascent stage.


Caucus takes pride in our alumni established in a wide array of coveted positions around the globe or are on the cusp of being so. Be it academic engagements with top universities, setting up their own independent institutions, or becoming a part of the civil services, members of Caucus have marked their presence in all arenas of intellect and excellence. On this note, the Caucus Alumni Network would be an effective step towards creating a cherished associational link amongst the present members and all those who relish, with a tinge of nostalgia, their bond with the society.

How to Join

  • The alumni group is in the form of a Google Group.

  • The process of joining the alumni group entails filling up a form ( see below ) to submit some basic details.

  • You will be added to the group and sent a mail once both the steps are done.

Join Now

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