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Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin



In order to gain an insight into the thoughts of a person and conduct a holistic extraction of views on a certain topic, few things can be as effective as an interview. Being inquisitive students, we are keen to interview prominent people and understand their perspective.

With the presence and proliferation of information around us, it is important to systematize them into a coherent piece. In this regard, Caucus seeks to curate reports based on careful collation of data,  which would not only depict a particular issue clearly but also help to keep distortion and misconceptions at bay.

The sine qua non of critical thinking and in-depth cognition is research. As a society of students intent on intellectual enrichment, we seek to undertake research to broaden our horizon. As a yearly research journal, the inaugural issue of Shrasthartha is slated to be released soon. 

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