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The Extent of Human Reaction: Are Crimes Committed in the Name of Emotion Justified?

The state of West Bengal has been under the constant exposure to political propaganda and rioting, from vandalism of statues to the saffron undercurrents in the state. But the situation in Bengal became hazy when some doctors, whether political or apolitical dodged the daily functioning of the health services in the state and demanded an appropriated apology from the chief minister of the state, Ms. Mamta Banerjee. It was just another fruitful and mediocre day in the state, when in the premises of NRS Medical College and Hospital, two doctors overwhelmingly were not able to precure and save a patient, suffering from a deadly disease. Though, a doctor in our country is considered to be an all-knowing, all-healing power like God, but the society at times in emotion or numbness fails to realise that this God is not equivalent to perfection. It is certain that the families experienced an emotional upheaval which proved to be quite traumatic, however the reaction that this generated was in no way justified. The success or failure of a medical procedure is not entirely the outcome of a doctor’s proficiency, but there are many factors that play a part. Thus, blaming the doctor for any mishap is not the logical course of action to take even in the heat of the moment.

The state of west Bengal had soon turned into a cracking pot, which bursts even with the slightest touch, and this time the question that arose ,was that of humanity. It was if the doctors of this country who save and cure millions, was there anyone saving them? The junior practicing doctors of the college along with many doctors throughout the TMC ruled state took it to protest and pressure politics to ensure their lives and families were safe.

Ms. Mamta Banerjee, the state chief minister, at first was untouched by the expression, but later as the party image was at stake especially as the Legislative Assembly polls near and perhaps a voice of conscience compelled her to listen to the agitating doctors.

Soon the fire spread, like a cracker with noise and the slightest of blossom of fire would burn the whole place away. All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Tamil Nadu Doctors Association and many other medical organizations joined the protests and demanded the implementation of the ESMA act, which guaranteed safety of the health services providers in the state. As political pressure mounted the state governor and the ministry of home affairs also have directed Ms. Mamta Banerjee to bring the situation under control through any means possible. The situation has become more worrisome and aggressive throughout the nation with a doctor being assaulted by a patient’s relatives in Lok Nayak Hospital, New Delhi just two days ago. The hospital staff reacted by going on a strike, however we are yet to obtain a comment from the authorities.

The Chief Minister, after a tussle of the giants, regarded the demands and has agreed to negotiate and provide for the security of the doctors at work. Five of the assailants were also arrested and their bail plea rejected. Although, provision of minimal punishment in the name of justice, ironically does not justify the atrocities that have been committed. The whole scenario of pressure politics in the state of West Bengal has given rise to various fundamental, methodical and devious questions. Is the halt of essential public service like health essential to deal with some demands of safety? Does the government reserve a right to remain silent even if the state burns in fire? Are the doctors so horrified at their sights that they have completely bolted their services? Or, is this any other centre based propaganda to bring out anarchy in the state of West Bengal? Wasn’t the family which lost its member, privileged enough to show their rage on the hands, which they believed in to save the life? But, does their rage give them a right to exercise their strength in such a manner that it violates others liberty? All of these questions have led to many answers and many solutions, but the thing that is most certain is that, the state of West Bengal, has turned into a ground of conflicts and chaos. What has to be done, is to regulate and save the state from escalating in the hands of anarchy and meet the demands of all at their helm.

We at Caucus, urge our readers to realise that it is not our place to jeopardise the life of another human being. We must recognise the limits within which we can exercise our powers. At the end of the day, it is our duty as citizens to ensure the safe-being of those around us and to maintain an environment which acts as a safe place for everyone within it.


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