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  • Naitik Muley

Who will Pay for the Pandemic?

Today, as the world sits anxiously, the virus continues to wreak havoc. One must, therefore, ask as to if the responsibility will be fixed once this pandemic is over. At the outset, it should be abundantly made clear that while ‘Chinese’ refers to the warm people of the Chinese nation, ‘China’ would essentially mean the government and the Communist Party of China. The necessity of this piece is only driven by the attempt of China to re-write history in real-time. The communist machine which covered up the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome outbreak and the historic Tiananmen Massacre is now trying to shirk off responsibility for the deliberate hiding of the outbreak for approximately forty days, the forty days which could have saved countless lives.

When the many nations, including India, denounced the Belt and Road Initiative, various others like Italy chose to join it. While death is abhorred by us all, it can be said that Italy is paying the price. The power dynamics of the world, too, are getting shaped with the pandemic, the lines once drawn have come to the fore even clearer, the costs and benefits should be clear for us to understand and fathom. Can the nation-states, which are now going to become more prominent with decreasing influence of globalists, afford to rely on China for the global value chains, can they be trusted? The questions must be asked as to why Iran and Italy have suffered the most. The debt diplomacy of China is known to many of us, the results must be pinned to the deliberate misrepresentation if not the origin. The world market must realize the costs of wet seafood markets.

China has, more often than not, evaded the rules of fair play. We risk another pandemic if they are not held to account this time. The cycle and tools of repression will be emboldened and they might gain popularity with other authoritarian nations. One might question if the accountability can be fixed by one such article but they must realize prevention of another denial is imperative and the situations at the end of this pandemic will be too hazy as the Party and its bots are confusing the world. This brazenness of China can not and must not be tolerated for it will do more harm than good in the long run. The pandemic might be long gone but the memories of suppression and hiding of facts by China should echo in the corridors of power in the minds of the common folk alike.

While the virus might not have been manufactured by China, the current global health and economic crisis is a product of ‘Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a New Era’ and the New Era is glaringly evident. The two flanks of this new era are internal suppression and external coercion. The current Communist Party of China-made Coronavirus Pandemic is a good example. At the outset, they ignore, then they suppress whistleblowers, fudge data, lie to the world, then confuse the world, deny the origins, provide selective aid and finally call it racism. Blaming the Chinese people would be racism but blaming China is the barest minimum of accountability.

The current scenario suggests that the situation at the end of this pandemic will be much similar to the post-war world in 1945. Italy, Germany, France and the United Kingdom overwhelmed, the United States attempting to enforce and preserve its system, massive aid requirements across the world, ravaged economies and destroyed societies, overhauling of political systems with the exception of Japan emerging unscathed. The major force substitution will happen as the United Soviet Socialist Republics will be replaced by a far more devious China, a China willing to let a public health disaster happen to save Winny the Pooh (Xi Jinping).

After punishing its own doctors like Li Wenliang, who reported the virus and later died, and muzzling a few of its own, China has now moved on to expelling foreign journalists and, again, will likely get away with this. Research shows that the virus, in fact, originated from China and then spread to the world. Given the misinformation campaign by China, led by all too insecure spokesperson Hua Chunying, it is unlikely that China will realize its mistake or make amends in its behavior. When a child becomes a rogue in the neighborhood, s/he is only tolerated for some time, post which s/he is either boycotted or punished. The path for the world is clear, it has also been established and reiterated in environmental pollution, the one who pollutes, pays.

(This piece first appeared on on 27 March 2020)


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