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“Too often we... enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” - John Kennedy


“Many people would rather die than think; in fact, most do.” - Bertrand Russell

It seems that John Kennedy, the man responsible for the Vietnam War, and Bertrand Russell, one of the leading pacifists of the world, did converge on some matters.  That is the beauty of truisms; their self-evident nature is far too compelling to be denied, except by perhaps the most extreme contrarians. However, the merit of truisms is that they serve as a solid bedrock upon which we may further pursue our investigation of matters that are of concern to us.

Since 2007, Caucus: The Discussion Forum has not only explored topics of relevance; we have strived to provide our members with avenues to grow and explore; to have a platform to pursue intellectual excellence and self-expression. We are the preeminent think tank of Hindu College, encouraging members to indulge in research, as well as assisting them with regards to publication. Our latest initiative, “Caucus Research Reports” is yet another initiative to further act as a platform for encouraging students to pursue research, in a country where there is an evident paucity of good quality research. In the present times when mundane tasks are being increasingly automated, it is of utmost importance to be able to think originally. 

Furthermore in this post-truth world, we aim to be a purveyor of balanced news, transcending the tendency of polarisated partisanship. Truth fuels the engine of social progress and we hope to be its perennial reservoir; resisting the innate human tendency to sacrifice truth to the altar of expedience. We hope that “Caucus Research Reports”, like its fellow initiatives, continues the legacy of Caucus; of providing its members with an edge over their companions while navigating the competitive environment of Delhi University.


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Since 2020, Caucus: The Discussion Forum has been in charge of organising the Annual Speaker Conclave series, “Compass”. As the premier intellectual fest of the college, Compass always organises speaker sessions with eminent speakers who speak on a range of topics that concern society at large. While the previous editions of Compass involved student presentations before the speaker session, Compass 2023 went a step further, complementing the presentations with a conference research booklet.


The booklet was presented to each speaker before their session commenced. It incorporates a series of articles written by the members of Caucus, corresponding to the topics of the speaker sessions. By uploading the booklet here, we are making it available for everyone’s perusal.


We hope that you enjoy reading it!

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Click below to read the Research Booklet

                   RESEARCH REPORT ON
                     'JAL JEEVAN MISSION'

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